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Tube Gel Batteries And Regular Lead-acid Battery Differences

Mar 03, 2017

In principle, it tube pipe trap for gel battery positive pole of the battery, and poured into the active substance. Not exists activity material off, problem, to greatly improve has cathode of life; second is using colloidal electrolytic liquid, thus solution has electrolytic liquid layered of problem, and colloidal electrolytic liquid in low temperature environment Xia still can guarantee is high of conductive sex, thus its low temperature performance also more highlight, while in high temperature environment Xia with other discharge of electrolytic liquid also less, because high temperature life also than General battery high. But also because colloidal high resistance, so the high current discharge performance of lead-acid batteries as ordinary. Tube gel application areas: telecommunications, wireless, microwave relay stations, emergency systems, power plants, nuclear power plants, substations, solar energy, wind energy, big UPS, train signals, navigation standby power supply (on board or ashore), process control and plant, the standby voltage supply, illumination of buoys.