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The Development Of Solar Batteries

Mar 03, 2017

Solar energy is energy, and renewable energy. It is rich in resources and is free to use, without transportation, without any pollution to the environment. Entering the 21st century in more than 10 years, world SI Taihang cell development and industrialization, a series of new achievements, new breakthroughs were made. Highest conversion efficiency of high efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cell lab at 24.7%, high efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar panel laboratory of photoelectric conversion efficiency has been as high as 20.3%. Meanwhile, the world's leading universities and research institutions have entered the field of solar energy, and advanced technologies continue to spread, commercial battery technology continues to improve, and greatly reduce the cost of solar photovoltaic power generation. Technological progress has already become a solar photovoltaic power generation costs, promote crystalline silicon solar cell industry and market development of important factors.