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Strong Ability Of Colloid Solar Battery To Resist Deep Discharge

Jul 31, 2017

The advantages of colloidal solar battery are mainly embodied in low temperature environment, service life, discharge depth and discharge efficiency.

1, the gel electrolyte, no internal short-circuit. Large thermal capacity, heat dissipation ability, can avoid the general battery easily generated heat runaway phenomenon, because at high temperature operation is very reliable, the battery will not produce "dry" phenomenon, Solar Gel Battery the operating temperature range is wide.

2, because the battery is colloidal solid, so the electrolyte concentration is even, there is no acid stratification phenomenon.

3, low acid concentration, weak plate corrosion, can be used unique tubular plate, so the battery life is long.

4, the colloid Solar battery plate adopts the antimony-free alloy, the battery self-discharge is very low. Two years after the storage of 20°c, there are more than 50% capacity, that is, Solar Gel Battery two years without the need for additional electricity.

5, ultra strong withstand deep discharge and large current discharge capacity, with overcharge and over discharge self-protection performance.

6, colloid solar battery strong resistance to deep discharge, 100% after discharge can still continue to be connected to the load, in three weeks recharge can restore the original capacity.

7, the use of new patented PVC clapboard to ensure that the battery has better uniformity and discharge performance.

8, battery floating charge design life 6/12v design life 15-17 years; 2V: 18-20 years.

Colloidal solar cells from the structure of the common and colloidal two, the latter also known as maintenance-free battery. Colloid Battery is a simple way to add a gelling agent in sulfuric acid, Solar Gel Battery is the sulfuric acid electro-hydraulic gel state. Electrically-liquid batteries are usually called colloidal batteries. The difference between a colloid cell and a conventional lead-acid battery is not only that the electrolyte is changed to gel-like. For example, the non coagulation state of water-based colloid, from the electrochemical classification structure and properties of the same colloid cell. Also, such as the grid in the separation of polymer materials, commonly known as ceramic grating, can also be regarded as a colloid battery application characteristics.

The difference between the colloid battery and the ordinary battery is that the top of the ordinary battery has a set of water inlet, which must be carefully observed when purchasing, because some manufacturers use a fine plastic cover to block the water. Colloid Solar battery at the top of a hole, the color of the hole to indicate the status of the battery, green is normal, black means the loss of electricity, Solar Gel Battery white indicates that the battery has been damaged, should be replaced as soon as possible.

Colloid Solar Battery Advantage:

Colloid Solar battery, charge to accept the ability is better. The use of ultra-high strength clapboard to avoid short circuit generation. Imported high-quality safety valve, Solar Gel Battery accurate valve control to regulate pressure. Equipped with filter acid mist flameproof device, more safe and reliable. The use of acid mist gas precipitation, no electrolyte overflow, the production process does not contain harmful elements to the human body, non-toxic, non-polluting, to avoid the traditional lead-acid battery in the process of using a large number of electrolyte spillover infiltration. The floating charge flow is small, the battery calorific value is little, the electrolyte does not occur acid stratification.

Deep discharge cycle performance is good. Battery deep discharge after the timely replenishment of the capacity of 100% can be recharged, Solar Gel Battery to meet the needs of high-frequency, deep discharge, so its scope of use than lead-acid batteries more extensive.

The self-discharge is small, the deep discharge performance is good, the charge accepts ability is strong, the upper and lower potential difference is small, the electric capacity is big. In the low-temperature start-up capacity, the charge to maintain capacity, electrolyte retention capacity, cycle durability, Solar Gel Battery vibration resistance performance, temperature resistance and other aspects of the performance significantly improved. Storage at 20 ℃ room temperature for 2 years, without charge can be put into operation.