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Long Life Of 6V Battery

Jul 31, 2017

6V battery Charging method is as follows:

One, constant current method, is based on the battery capacity, so that the final use of one-tenth of the capacity of the current charge, that is, the usual 10-hour rate of current charge. The 6v6v battery is larger than 6v voltage, but the battery should be charged with one-tenth current of its capacity.

Second, the constant pressure method, 6V Standard Battery is based on the battery voltage, such as 6v can be used 7.3v constant voltage charge regardless of the size of the current.

Three or three paragraph (or many) because the first two methods have a of defects, because in the power cell this piece of more use this method, namely constant current, constant pressure again constant flow to overcome the constant pressure method of the current is too large, 6V Standard Battery and constant current method late currents too small fault. 6v battery to select the appropriate current number of 6v charger.

Four, floating filling method, this method is generally used in uninterruptible power supply, that is, the 6V battery into the power supply circuit, so that the final in charge of the state, only in the power supply equipment problems when he works, he is a constant pressure method of application.

Introduction of 6V Battery features

1. No maintenance is required: the battery does not require rehydration during the entire service life. High reliability, long service life, special sealing structure and flame-retardant shell, will not produce leakage electrolyte defects during use, and will not cause fire.

2. The weight, the volume is higher than the energy, the internal resistance is small, the output power is high.

3. 6V Standard Battery Self-discharge is small, 20 ℃ the monthly self-discharge rate is not greater than 2%.

4. Full charged electricity factory, no flow of electrolyte, transport safety.

5. 6V Standard Battery Can be used in any direction.

6. Wide range of temperature: Standard Series Battery ( -30℃~50℃), High temperature series battery ( -30℃~70℃).

7. 6V Standard Battery No need for a balanced charge, due to the internal resistance of the monomer battery, capacity, floating charge pressure consistent good, to ensure that the battery during use, no need for a balanced charge.

8. The recovery performance is good: the battery discharges to 0 volts, the short circuit place 30 days, 6V Standard Battery still can charge restores its capacity.

9. Solid copper Terminals: Easy to install connections, strong conductivity.