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Lead-acid Battery Cleaning Work

Jul 06, 2017

Lead-acid batteries mainly by the battery slot, battery cover, positive and negative plates, dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte, partitions and accessories.

Lead-acid batteries, with particular attention to the usual cleaning work. Pay attention to check the pole and chuck is connected to fastening, there is no corrosion and burning, Standard Lead Acid Battery but also check the exhaust hole for clogging, electrolyte is reduced, if found to be timely treatment. Start the car each time the start time should not exceed 3 to 5 seconds, Standard Lead Acid Battery start the interval time of not less than 10 seconds.

The basic structure of lead - acid battery

Positive and negative plates (1)

● lead plate battery plate, according to the structure and active material into the method can be divided into four categories: paste plate, tube plate, into the plate, Standard Lead Acid Battery semi-chemical plate.

● Coated plate (coated plate) consists of grating and active material.

● The role of the grid to support the active material and conduction current, so that the current distribution evenly.

● The material of the grid is generally made of lead-antimony alloy, and the maintenance-free battery adopts lead-calcium alloy.

● The main component of the positive electrode active material is lead dioxide and the main component of the negative electrode active material is chrome-like lead.

Partition (2)

● battery separator is a microporous rubber, Standard Lead Acid Battery pigment glass fiber and other materials made of its main role is:

■ to prevent positive and negative plate short circuit.

■ The positive and negative ions in the electrolyte pass smoothly.

■ resistance to positive and negative plate active material off, to prevent positive and negative plate damage due to vibration.

● Therefore, the requirements of the separator to have high porosity, small pore size, acid, no secretion of harmful impurities, a certain intensity, Standard Lead Acid Battery in the electrolyte resistance is small, with chemical stability characteristics.

Electrolyte (3)

● Electrolyte is an important part of the battery, and its role is to conduct current and participate in electrochemical reactions.

● electrolyte is concentrated sulfuric acid and purified water (to ion water) from the preparation of the electrolyte purity and density of battery capacity and life have an important impact.

● automotive lead-acid batteries with electrolyte density of 1.280 ± 0.005g / cm3 (25 ℃) dilute sulfuric acid.

Battery case, cover (4)

● battery shell, cover is loaded positive, negative plate and electrolyte containers, generally made of plastic and rubber materials.

Exhaust plugs (5)

● generally made of plastic material, Standard Lead Acid Battery the battery from the sealing effect, to prevent air from entering, to prevent oxidation of the plate. At the same time can be charged when the battery generated by the battery discharge, to avoid the battery danger.

● Before use: the blind hole on the exhaust pipe must be pierced with wire to ensure that the gas spill smooth.


In addition to the above components, the battery also has chain (6), pole (7), saddle (8), liquid level indicator and other parts.