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Lead-acid Batteries Are The Most Widely Used

Sep 22, 2017

Lead-acid batteries are acidic batteries, the most widely used, and its electrolyte from concentrated sulfuric acid and distilled water from the preparation of cadmium, nickel, iron, nickel batteries are alkaline batteries, their electrolytes are used potassium hydroxide solution, the working voltage More durable than the lead-acid battery, the discharge current is greater, higher mechanical strength, smaller, longer life, Standard Lead Acid Battery the disadvantage is slightly higher cost, cadmium, nickel batteries for small electronic instruments, communications equipment, but also for aircraft, Artificial batteries, self-control and other related systems for the DC battery, Standard Lead Acid Battery another alkaline battery is zinc, silver batteries, electrolytes are potassium hydroxide solution, with small size, light weight, large capacity characteristics, the same volume (or weight ) Than the other types of batteries than other types of batteries can store more than ten times the power can be large current discharge, Standard Lead Acid Battery the electrode is made of silver, so the cost of expensive, zinc, silver batteries and camera flash, such as DC power supply, but Many battery discharge are accompanied by voltage instability, the use of the cycle is too short, the discharge time is too short and so on.

Lead-acid battery cathode active material is lead dioxide, the anode active material is sponge lead, the electrolyte is dilute sulfuric acid solution, the discharge chemical reaction of lead dioxide, Standard Lead Acid Battery sea Jin lead and electrolyte reaction lead sulfate and water, Pb (negative) PbO2 (positive) 2H2SO4 ==== 2PbSO4 2H2O (discharge reaction), the charging chemical reaction for the lead sulfate and water into lead dioxide, sea Jin lead and dilute sulfuric acid, 2PbSO4 2H2O ==== Pb (negative) PbO2 ( Positive charge) 2H2SO4 ==== 2PbSO4 2H2O (discharge reaction), lead-acid battery single grid rated voltage of 2.0V, generally in series for the 6V, 12V for cars, Standard Lead Acid Battery motorcycles to start lighting use, single battery in series for the 48V, 96V , 110V or 220V for different occasions, the battery is positive and negative between the very low resistance. Impurities Small Components Stable ions can pass through rubber, PVC, PE or AGM partitions.

Lead-acid batteries have the following characteristics:

(1) no need to add water to adjust the density of acid and other maintenance work.

(2) high current discharge performance, especially excellent charge and discharge performance.

(3) self-discharge current is small, 25 ° C monthly self-discharge rate of 2% or less, Standard Lead Acid Battery about other lead-acid batteries 1/5 to 1/4.

(4) do not leak, no acid mist, no corrosion equipment and not hurt, no pollution to the environment.

(5) battery life, 25 ° C floating charge state to use, battery life of up to 10 to 15 years.

(6) compact structure, good sealing performance, Standard Lead Acid Battery with the equipment installed in the same room, vertical or bedroom installation, small footprint, good seismic performance.

(7) there is no memory effect of cadmium nickel batteries.

Lead-acid battery performance is stable, reliable, Standard Lead Acid Battery maintenance workload is small, by the design and operation of the staff welcome.