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Gel Battery Manufacturers Talk About What Advantages

Mar 03, 2017

(1) work voltage high: lithium ion battery of work voltage for 3.6V, is CD nickel, and hydrogen nickel battery of three times times; (2) than energy big: is CD nickel battery of 2~3 times, hydrogen nickel battery of 1~2 times; (3) output power big: can big current discharge; (4) cycle life long: cycle times average can up 500~1000 times, iron lithium of can cycle 2000 times above; (5) since discharge rate low: monthly since discharge is less than 10%, not to nickel CD, and hydrogen nickel of half; (6) No memory effect: each charge and discharge depth does not affect the capacity and lifetime of the battery, (7) clean: hazardous substances do not exist within the battery (8) can be charged and discharged rapidly: 1C charging capacity can reach the capacity of 80% per cent (9) on the environment more "friendly", known as the Green battery.