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Colloidal Solar Battery Life Is Long

Jun 22, 2017

Colloidal solar battery superiority is mainly reflected in the low temperature environment, life, discharge depth, discharge efficiency.

1, gel electrolyte, no internal short circuit. Heat capacity, Solar Gel Battery heat dissipation capacity, can avoid the general battery easy to produce thermal runaway phenomenon, because in high temperature operation is extremely reliable, the battery will not produce "dry" phenomenon, wide operating temperature range.

2, because the battery is a colloidal solid, so the electrolyte concentration uniform, there is no acid layering phenomenon.

3, low acid concentration, corrosion of the plate is weak, Solar Gel Battery you can use a unique tube plate, so the battery life is long.

4, the battery plate with antimony-free alloy, battery self-discharge is very low. 20 ° C stored two years later, there are more than 50% of the capacity, that is, within two years without additional electricity.

5, super to withstand deep discharge and high current discharge capacity, with overcharge and over discharge self-protection performance.

6, the battery deep discharge capacity, 100% discharge can continue to be connected to the load, Solar Gel Battery in three weeks to restore the original capacity of the charge.

7, the use of new invention patent PVC separator to ensure that the battery has a better consistency and discharge performance.

8, the battery floating charging design life of 6 / 12V design life of 15-17 years; 2V: 18-20 years.

Colloidal solar battery as a valve-sealed lead-acid batteries, one of its electrolyte is a certain amount of silica sol or fumed silica dispersed in sulfuric acid formed in colloids, sulfuric acid and water were wrapped in a silica gel network, Static when the solid was solid, give it a certain shear force can be into an aqueous solution, with good thixotropy. This glue in the gel process will produce micro-cracks, so that the oxygen can be positive through the colloid micro-cracks into the negative, in the negative composite water, Solar Gel Battery which play a maintenance-free role.