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Colloidal Solar Batteries Safe And Reliable

Jul 18, 2017

Colloidal solar batteries from the structure is divided into two kinds of ordinary and colloid, which is also known as maintenance-free batteries. Colloidal battery simple practice is to add gelling agent in sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid is a colloidal liquid. Solar Gel Battery Electrohydraulic colloidal battery is usually called colloidal battery. Colloidal batteries and conventional lead-acid battery is not only the difference between the electro-hydraulic to gel-like. Such as non-coagulated water-based colloid, from the electrochemical classification structure and characteristics of the same colloidal battery. Another example is the grid in the solution of polymer materials, commonly known as ceramic grating, can also be regarded as the application characteristics of colloidal batteries.

Colloidal battery and ordinary battery is a big difference between the top of the ordinary battery has a group of water, in the purchase must be carefully observed, Solar Gel Battery because some manufacturers with a fine plastic cover to add water to block. Colloidal solar battery at the top of a observation hole, the hole color that the battery state, green that normal, black that loss of power, white that the battery is damaged, Solar Gel Battery should be replaced as soon as possible.

Colloidal solar battery Advantages:

Colloidal solar batteries, charge acceptance better. Use ultra-high strength baffle to avoid short circuit. Imported high-quality safety valve, precise valve control pressure. Equipped with a filter acid mist explosion-proof device, more secure and reliable. When used without acid mist gas precipitation, Solar Gel Battery no electrolyte spillover, the production process does not contain harmful elements on the human body, non-toxic, non-polluting, to avoid the traditional lead-acid batteries in the use of a large number of electrolyte overflow spill. Float current is small, the battery heat less, the electrolyte does not occur acid layer.

Deep discharge cycle performance. After the battery is discharged in a timely manner, the capacity can be replenished with 100% capacity to meet the needs of high frequency and deep discharge, Solar Gel Battery so its use range is more extensive than lead acid battery.

Self-discharge small, deep discharge performance, charging ability to accept, the potential difference between the upper and lower, large capacity. In the low temperature start capacity, charge retention capacity, electrolyte retention, cycle durability, resistance to vibration performance, Solar Gel Battery temperature and humidity performance has improved significantly. In 20 ℃ room temperature storage for 2 years, no charge can be put into operation.