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Colloidal Solar Batteries For Different Environmental Requirements

Sep 12, 2017

The development of China's photovoltaic industry is very rapid, the government of photovoltaic power generation, such as clean energy development also attaches great importance to colloidal solar energy storage battery as the key components of solar photovoltaic system, will be widely used.

The advantages of colloidal solar energy storage battery are mainly embodied in low temperature environment, service life, discharge depth and discharge efficiency.

1, the gel electrolyte, no internal short-circuit. Large thermal capacity, Solar Gel Battery heat dissipation ability, can avoid the general storage of colloidal solar battery easily generated by the thermal runaway phenomenon, because at high temperature operation is very reliable, colloid solar cells will not produce "dry" phenomenon, operating temperature range is wide.

2, because the colloid solar battery is a colloidal solid, so the electrolyte concentration is even, there is no acid stratification phenomenon.

3, low acid concentration, weak plate corrosion, Solar Gel Battery can be used unique tubular plate, so the colloid solar battery life long.

4. The colloidal solar battery plate adopts the antimony-free alloy, and the colloid solar battery has very low self-discharge. Two years after the storage of 20°c, Solar Gel Battery there are more than 50% capacity, that is, two years without the need for additional electricity.

5, ultra strong withstand deep discharge and large current discharge capacity, with overcharge and over discharge self-protection performance.

6, colloid solar battery strong resistance to deep discharge, Solar Gel Battery 100% discharge can still continue to be connected to the load, within three weeks to recharge the original capacity.

7, the use of new patented PVC clapboard to ensure that colloidal solar cells have better uniformity and discharge performance.

8, colloidal solar battery floating charge design life 6/12v design life 15-17 years; 2V: 18-20 years.

Colloidal solar batteries need to meet the following performance.

1 The good deep circulation ability, Solar Gel Battery has the very good overcharge and the discharge ability.

2 long life, special process design and colloid electrolyte ensure the long life of such batteries.

3 suitable for different environmental requirements, colloid solar cells, requirements at high altitude, high temperature, Solar Gel Battery low temperature and other conditions can be used normally.