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Battery Recycling In The Lack Of Standards

Mar 03, 2017

Batteries in the area's biggest problem is the lack of recycling recycling standard, cascade is also problematic. It is understood that, in addition to lack of battery recycling standards, qualification of the recycling business has become another bottleneck for battery recycling. With the deepening battery level attenuation, battery safety has been reduced, recycling businesses need to have the appropriate tools and capacity, but has very few qualified enterprises. Therefore, experts say, to make batteries safely recycled, lots of difficulties. Ex-battery not, as expected, that combination can be used. Again on this issue, there are obstacles on the reuse technology in China at present. According to reports, when the battery is cascade utilization, compared with consistency and a new battery the battery is very large, this group uses a great obstacle. Meanwhile, battery capacity, voltage, resistance and other cascade use, will form a cliff fall in a few cycles, caused great difficulties for later use.