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6V Battery Full Power State Voltage 6.8-7V

May 18, 2017

6V battery, is composed of three 2V, according to the upper limit of each monomer charge 2.35-2.4V to calculate the voltage can be 7.05-7.2V, 6V Standard Battery it should be noted that this is only estimated, because the 6V battery open circuit voltage and The density of the electrolyte, different manufacturers with different density, the charging voltage will be a little bit different. As for the current, you have to see how much battery capacity, generally according to 0.1C to charge, that is, the capacity of 1/10 current, if it is 5Ah power, charging current 0.5A.

6V battery, fully charged state voltage at 6.8-7V.

How much battery to see your battery capacity, usually 10AH represents 10A discharge 1 hour, the actual high current discharge capacity is less than the nominal capacity. Discharge capacity = discharge time * discharge time (hours), but also depends on how much battery to support the discharge rate, the performance of a variety of batteries are not the same, the greater the magnification, discharge capacity will be significantly shortened. Usually 5 times the rate of discharge is no problem, 6V Standard Battery but only a maximum of 10 minutes. Such as the nominal 10AH battery, can reach 50A of current. Large discharge rate, due to internal resistance and line loss, the output voltage will be greatly reduced.

6V battery (Storage Battery) is a direct conversion of chemical energy into a device, is a rechargeable design of the battery, through a reversible chemical reaction to achieve recharging, usually refers to lead-acid 6V battery, which is the battery One, belonging to the secondary battery. It works: the use of external power to recharge the internal active material regeneration, the energy stored as chemical energy, 6V Standard Battery the need to discharge the chemical energy again when the energy output, such as life commonly used in mobile phone batteries.

It is filled with lead-based lead-based lead (also known as lattice) as a negative electrode, filled with lead dioxide lead lead for the cathode, and with a density of 1.26-1.33g / mlg / ml of dilute sulfuric acid as electrolyte. Battery in the discharge, the metal lead is negative, the oxidation reaction, the formation of lead sulfate; lead dioxide is a positive, the occurrence of reduction reaction, 6V Standard Battery the formation of lead sulfate. Batteries in the use of DC charging, the two poles were generated lead and lead dioxide. Remove the power, it returned to the state before the discharge, composed of chemical batteries. Lead 6V battery can be repeated charging, discharge, its monomer voltage is 2V, the battery is composed of one or more single battery pack, referred to as 6V battery