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6V Battery Conductivity Is Strong

Aug 22, 2017

6V battery, also known as rechargeable battery, is a can be completely recharged the battery, the following Xiaobian to tell you about 6V battery knowledge.

6V batteries in the use of chemicals and their design are many types. Attempting to charge a non-6V battery (primary battery) is undesirable because it may cause the battery to explode. 6V Standard Battery Some 6V battery if fully discharged, will be prone to reverse charge and damage; there are some need to be fully discharged at regular intervals. At present, 6V battery is widely used in low-power equipment, including automotive starters, 6V Standard Battery all kinds of portable devices and tools, uninterruptible power systems. The requirements for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles for 6V batteries have led to continuous improvement in this technology in order to reduce its costs, 6V Standard Battery reduce its weight and increase its life.

6V battery is a chemical energy can be directly converted into electrical energy device is a rechargeable design of the battery, through the reversible chemical reaction to achieve recharging, 6V Standard Battery usually refers to the lead acid 6V battery, which is a battery, Secondary battery. It works: the use of external power to recharge the internal active material regeneration, the energy stored as chemical energy, 6V Standard Battery the need to discharge the chemical energy again when the energy output, such as life commonly used in mobile phone batteries.

6V battery characteristics introduced

1. Do not need to maintain: the battery throughout the life of the water without rehydration. High reliability, long life, special sealing structure and flame retardant shell, 6V Standard Battery the use of the process will not produce leakage of electrolyte defects, but no fire.

2. Weight, volume specific energy, 6V Standard Battery internal resistance is small, the output power is high.

3. Self-discharge is small, 20 ℃ under the monthly self-discharge rate of not more than 2%.

4. Full charge of the factory, no flow of electrolyte, transport safety.

5. Can be used in any direction.

6. Wide range of temperature: standard series battery (-30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃), high temperature series battery (-30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃).

7. No need to balance the charge, because the single cell resistance, capacity, 6V Standard Battery float voltage uniformity to ensure that the battery during use, without a balanced charge.

8. Recovery performance: the battery over discharge to 0 volts, short-circuit placed 30 days, 6V Standard Battery can still charge to restore its capacity.

9. Rugged copper terminal: easy to install connection, conductive ability.