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12v Battery Using Parameters

Jul 06, 2017

12v battery voltage range

For the terminal voltage of 12V battery, the normal float voltage between 13.5 ~ 13.8V. Floating charge voltage is too low, the battery is not full, float voltage is too high, will cause over-voltage charging. When the float voltage exceeds 14V, it is considered to be over-voltage charging. Today, 12V Standard Battery I would like to talk about the 12v battery voltage range, I hope we can browse the following content.

12v battery voltage range

1) Excessive discharge causes the terminal voltage of the battery to be lower than the discharge end voltage allowed by the battery. For 12V M-type lead-acid batteries, the discharge voltage is about 10.5V.

2) UPS battery group, the battery unit between the terminal voltage difference of more than 1V or so.

Charging operation, 12V Standard Battery the initial charge of the battery size of the general specifications in accordance with the provisions of the specified value, or by the rated capacity of 1/10 of the current to carry out.

(1) floating charge. The on-line battery pack is a long-term parallel operation on the charger and the load line as a backup power supply. Under normal circumstances, 12V Standard Battery are used floating charge, single battery voltage control in 2.25V (relative to 2V battery), and regular observation, record the float voltage changes. If the battery voltage is low, indicating that the battery charge is insufficient, the capacity is not enough, should pay attention to tracking.

(2) balanced charge. The so-called balanced charge is to each battery unit in parallel, with a unified charging voltage for charging. If the battery pack in the process of floating charge behind the battery (single voltage less than 2.20V, relative to 2V battery), or floating after 3 months, 12V Standard Battery it is appropriate to charge the process, the single battery control at 2.35V, charge 6 ~ 8h (note that a time are not too long time to charge), and then transferred back to the floating voltage value, and then observe the battery voltage changes behind, such as the voltage is still not in place, after two weeks are charged once again. Under normal circumstances, the new battery pack after 6 months float, are charged, the voltage will tend to be consistent. Equalized charge current is typically 0.3C or slightly less than 0.3C. Rated voltage of 12V battery, balanced charge voltage is generally selected 14.5V.

12V battery using parameters:


Charging voltage 14.5-15.0V (25 ℃)

Charging temperature compensation voltage -24mV / ℃


Charging voltage 13.6-13.8V / 12V (25 ℃)

Charging temperature compensation voltage -18mV / ℃

48V Charger charging voltage 59V

No load is floating voltage 55V

I believe everyone on the 12v battery awareness will be more and more in-depth understanding