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12v Battery Uses A Wide Range Of Temperature

Oct 09, 2017

12v battery has high reliability, long service life, special sealing structure and flame-retardant shell, which will not produce leakage electrolyte defects, and no fire.

12v Battery full charge factory, no flow of electrolyte, transport safety.

12v Battery uses a wide range of temperature: Standard Series Battery ( -30℃~50℃), high temperature series ( -45℃~70℃)

12v battery does not need to be balanced charge, because of the internal resistance of the monomer battery, the capacity, the floating charge pressure consistency is good, guaranteed the battery during the use, 12V Standard Battery does not need the balanced charge.

Recovery performance is good: the battery over discharge to 0 volts, short circuit placement after 30 days, can still recharge its capacity.

12v Battery Characteristics:

1. Maintenance-free, no need to recharge the electrolyte during the life period

2. Using the internal components with minimal resistance, 12V Standard Battery the highest discharge efficiency is demonstrated.

3. The use of corrosion-resistant high quality alloy and scientific internal structure design, the battery to achieve long life

4. Product consistency is good, 12V Standard Battery each section of the battery pressure difference is very small

5. Optimized design, the battery is higher than the energy

6. The use of special lead-calcium alloy made of the slate, 12V Standard Battery the self-discharge limit to the minimum

12v Battery Main use:

1. Communication power supply

2. Substation operation and other DC power supply

3. Emergency lighting, such as DC Emergency Preparedness power supply (disaster prevention standby power)

4. Fire Equipment Power source

5. Generator Starter power supply

6. 12V Standard Battery Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and assorted special battery

12v Battery Characteristics

(1) The depth of discharge after the recharge is strong, 12V Standard Battery even after the discharge in the case of no timely replenishment of the capacity can be 100% to recharge.

(2) is the ideal battery for recycling--the most suitable for daily use.

(3) Long time discharge has excellent performance.

(4) More suitable for the use of high-temperature environment.

(5) It is applicable to the unstable environment of power supply mains.

(6) No liquid colloid electrolyte, so that the electrolyte in the battery does not produce delamination phenomenon.

(7) No need for a balanced charge.

(8) Small self-discharge.

(9) Very accurate acid control, effectively protect the cathode plate and greatly improve the battery life.

(10) using thick plate, reduce the corrosion of the grid, 12V Standard Battery and greatly improve the battery life.

(11) Low internal resistance and strong charge acceptance ability.

(12) compared with the AGM battery, under the normal charging condition, the internal water loss of the battery is very small.

(13) Advanced technology of Germany to create polymer separators, 12V Standard Battery improve the battery performance and longevity.

(14) The application of super high mechanical strength clapboard avoids the possibility of short-circuit generation.

(15) In the absence of fully adequate electricity, the battery can be discharged, 12V Standard Battery and the battery will not have any damage.