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12v Battery Is Supplied To The Engine

Aug 10, 2017

12v battery charging precautions

1, to charge the lead-acid battery, to wear protective clothing

2, charging, 12v battery can not be near the spark, no smoking.

3, on one or more than 12v battery in parallel charge, the charger voltage should not exceed 16V.

4, the charger will be connected to the positive line 12v battery positive pole, the negative line connected to the 12v battery negative pole.

5, open the charger, the first set to the minimum current, and then gradually increase the current until the 12v battery began to accept the current. If it is a deep discharge after 12v battery or low temperature 12v battery, this process may take several minutes.

6, if the 12v battery exhaust outlet acid mist, or 12v battery temperature of more than 52 degrees Celsius, charging immediately to stop, 12V Standard Battery these phenomena indicate that the 12v battery is damaged, need to be replaced.

7, when the current down to 1A or more than 24 hours after charging, that charge is complete, you can stop filling.

12v battery is divided into lead acid 12v battery, dry charge 12v battery and maintenance-free 12v battery three categories. Which we are more familiar with the j base station using 12v battery is basically the control valve lead acid 12v battery and maintenance-free 12v battery these two categories. Currently on the market to sell most of the base station using a VRLA battery 12v. Lead Acid 12v battery is the most obvious feature is the top of the six can be unscrewed plastic seal, there are ventilation holes above. These sealing covers are used to raise, 12V Standard Battery check the electrolyte and use the exhaust gas. In theory, lead acid 12v battery need to check the height of each electrolyte in the maintenance, if there is a need to add distilled water. But with the 12v battery manufacturing technology upgrades, lead acid 12v battery maintenance is no longer complicated. Normal use, 2 - 3 years lead acid 12v batteries do not need to add electrolyte or distilled water.

The battery of the vehicle, also known as the 12v battery, 12V Standard Battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Its role is to supply the engine power, when the vehicle is ready to launch, 12v battery will discharge to the starter to provide electricity, driven by the starter flywheel, crankshaft rotation, which launched the vehicle. 12V Standard Battery In the engine power shortage or not start for the car with electrical equipment such as sound systems, lighting systems, etc. to provide power, when the engine starts normal power supply, 12v battery will collect and store power for future use.

Car with 12v battery can be divided into: maintenance-free and lead-acid 12v battery (non-maintenance) two categories.

Maintenance-free 12v battery: maintenance-free 12v battery, as the name suggests the biggest feature is "maintenance-free." And lead acid 12v battery than its electrolyte consumption is very small, 12V Standard Battery in the life of the basic need not add distilled water. It also has a shock, high temperature, small size, self-discharge characteristics. Of course, relative to its price will be more expensive than lead acid 12v battery. As for the service life, 12V Standard Battery under normal circumstances maintenance-free 12v battery recommended replacement period of 3 years or so, with the lead acid 12v battery quite to avoid the daily maintenance and maintenance of its exhaust system design and lead acid 12v battery has a significant difference, so from In theory, it is not necessary to add distilled water or electrolytes. In addition, maintenance-free 12v battery shell are generally closed, 12V Standard Battery unless there are professional tools and technology, the general owner is unable to repair their own.