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12v Battery Charge Can Be Filled For 15 Hours

Jul 18, 2017

12v battery termination charge voltage (also called limiting voltage) is 1.2 times the rated voltage: 12 V x 1.2 = 14.4 V. Charge voltage to limit the voltage, the battery is fully charged.

Capacity 45 Ah battery, 10 hours discharge rate (45 Ah ÷ 10 h) is 4.5 A, is the standard battery charge current, power exhausted 45 Ah battery, using the standard charge current 4.5 A, need to charge 15 hours full.

12v battery charging there are two ways: constant voltage charging, and constant current charging. [Constant voltage charging is characterized by: battery voltage rise to the limit voltage, the charge is completed; 12V Standard Battery and pure constant current charging characteristics, is the need to master the charging time].

Constant current charging is completed, it should promptly withdraw from the charging operation, continue to charge will damage the battery.

12V battery development, the current access network supporting 12V batteries are mostly built into the main equipment cabinet of the bottom, the daily access network maintenance will sometimes ignore the battery check. The same time as the above-

From the battery maintenance point of view, 12V Standard Battery the following factors in the battery matching need to give attention:

1, the battery performance and price ratio in the use of the environment is not ideal, more remote location of traffic, equipment reliability (quality performance) as the primary consideration, 12V Standard Battery the price factor followed (in a reasonable range of battery performance and price ratio);

2,12v battery selection According to the actual use of the access network requirements, in accordance with the YD / T799-2002 standard, the development of the corresponding battery selection specifications;

3, the main and auxiliary equipment bundled (integrated) supporting the way due to the existence of decentralized access network construction features, engineering installation, 12V Standard Battery maintenance workload is large, plus some equipment will be built-in battery, in general, the main and auxiliary equipment Should be the preferred solution;

4, optimize the 12V battery configuration From the overseas turnkey project battery configuration design point of view, the design capacity "divided into two" is the mainstream trend, it can improve the system power supply security. Such as 48V 200A · h, using two groups of 48V 100A · h parallel way, than a group of 48V 200A · h higher reliability.