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Battery Performance Is Stable And Reliable

Jun 09, 2017

The performance parameters of the battery are electromotive force, capacity, specific energy and resistance. Using the battery as a source of energy, you can get a stable voltage, stable current, stable power supply for a long time, by the outside world very small current, and the battery structure is simple, easy to carry, charge and discharge operation is simple, free from external climate and temperature Influence, AGM Battery stable and reliable performance, in all aspects of modern social life play a great role.

Scientists try to use lithium in the battery cathode, if the lithium air can be successful, the energy storage density will exceed 10 times the lithium ion energy storage efficiency.

Scientists are also trying to use aluminum air and sodium air in the battery cathode. However, these attempts will encounter the following problems: air is not enough pure, need air filter device, AGM Battery lithium and oxygen will produce peroxide film, will affect the battery storage capacity.

If these problems can be resolved, the future of the battery will be lighter, cheaper, and more powerful than the lithium-ion battery.

Scientists are also exploring the new next-generation battery - vanadium ion batteries.

Vanadium ion batteries will be resistant to oxidation, AGM Battery can save more energy, and by increasing the electrolyte storage capacity is easy to expand the battery capacity, but this battery energy conversion ratio is unstable, and will be very heavy, can only be applied to static work site.

The breakthrough in battery technology has greatly promoted the development of mobile phones, electric vehicles and aviation. But the battery technology in the breakthrough nickel-metal hydride batteries, the development of lithium-ion battery technology has not been much breakthrough.

Battery technology as many other technologies have to go through the "technical maturity", AGM Battery which is from the technological breakthrough to the wide range of applications.

Scientists' short-term goal of battery technology is to continue to enhance the commercial use of stable lithium-ion batteries, especially in the field of electric vehicles, only lithium-ion energy storage costs significantly lower than the fuel or gas costs in order to rely on gasoline from the human travel State freed.

Experts estimate that lithium-ion battery performance will continue to be improved, storage capacity will grow 6-7% per year, and this growth rate will last for several years.

Tesla has made great progress in this regard, Tesla design of the new battery wider, longer, this home will be able to equip more battery materials, the new battery cooling system is also more mature, AGM Battery so that The entire battery pack is safer and more efficient.

Scientists are also more versatile for the application of the anode and cathode of the battery.

Recent progress in lithium-ion batteries is that scientists are beginning to use fairly cobalt, aluminum, manganese and nickel in the cathode. It is estimated that by 2020 about 75% of the batteries are expected to use cobalt to expand energy storage.